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ISO AC Textiles Tear properties of fabrics Part Determination of tear force using ballistic pendulum method (Elmendorf) (ISO Cor.), ISO Continuous hot dip zinc coated twin roll cast steel sheet of commercial quality, ISO Determination of urea content in urea based fertilizers by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), ISO Dentistry Corrosion test methods for metallic materials (ISO), ISO FDIS Steel Non destructive testing, ISO Aircraft ground equipment Lower deck loader Functional requirements, ISO Aerospace Fluid systems Interface of ? cone metric couplings, ISO A Gas cylinders Seamless steel and seamless aluminium alloy gas cylinders and tubes Periodic inspection and testing Amendment (ISO Amd), ISO Biotechnology General requirements for transportation of cells for therapeutic use, ISO Air quality Test method for filtration characterization of cleanable filter media. Check out this ISO/IEC TR 21565:2018-Information technology Office equipment Viewing environment guideline for office equipment for more info.

ISO Glass and glass ceramics Knoop hardness test, ISO IEC Information technology Generic applications of ASN. Fast Web Services, ISO Implants for surgery Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, ISO Health informatics System of concepts to support continuity of care, ISO Iron ores Determination of chromium content Flame atomic absorption spectrometric method, ISO Forestry and gardening machinery Vibration test code for portable hand held machines with internal combustion engine Vibration at the handles, ISO IEC Information technology Digital compression and coding of continuous tone still images Extensions, ISO IEC TS Information technology, cybersecurity and privacy protection Cybersecurity framework development guidelines, ISO IEC TR Information technology Generic cabling systems for customer premises, ISO Imaging materials Photographic reflection prints Methods for measuring indoor light stability. Click this ISO 12967-1:2020-Health informatics Service architecture (HISA) for extra details.

ISO Microbiology of the food chain Preparation of test samples, initial suspension and decimal dilutions for microbiological examination Part Specific rules for the preparation of milk and milk products (ISO), ISO Polyolefin pipes for the conveyance of fluids Determination of resistance to crack propagation Test method for slow crack growth on notched pipes, ISO Milk products Enumeration of presumptive Lactobacillus acidophilus on a selective medium Colony count technique at degrees C, ISO Natural gas Calculation of calorific values, density, relative density and Wobbe indices from composition (ISO), ISO Metallic powders Determination of envelope specific surface area from measurements of the permeability to air of a powder bed under steady state flow conditions (ISO), ISO Metallic materials Measurement of fracture toughness at impact loading rates using precracked Charpy type test pieces, ISO PRF TS Dispersibility of solid particles into a liquid, ISO Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs Cutlery and table holloware Part Requirements for gold plated cutlery (ISO), ISO Road vehicles Connections for on board electrical wiring harnesses, ISO Monolithic (unshaped) refractory products Part Preparation and treatment of test pieces (ISO). Follow this ISO 11566:1996-Carbon fibre Determination of the tensile properties of single-filament specimens for further information.

ISO Sweetened condensed milk Determination of sucrose content Polarimetric method, ISO Tractors and self propelled machinery for agriculture Operator controls Actuating forces, displacement, location and method of operation, ISO Water quality Determination of six complexing agents Gas chromatographic method (ISO), ISO Thermoplastic tubing and hoses for automotive use, ISO Technical drawings Simplified representation of bars and profile sections (ISO), ISO Textiles Quantitative chemical analysis Part Mixtures of polyester with certain other fibres (method using trichloroacetic acid and chloroform) (ISO), ISO Space data and information transfer systems Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services Subnetwork Test Service, ISO Sensory analysis Methodology Magnitude estimation method, ISO Soil quality Leaching procedures for subsequent chemical and ecotoxicological testing of soil and soil like materials Part Influence of pH on leaching with initial acid base addition (ISO), ISO Systems and software engineering Software product Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) Common Industry Format (CIF) for Usability User requirements specification (ISO). Check out this ISO 5611-2:2015-Cartridges, type A, for indexable inserts for good measure.

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